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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Life Styles and Their Relations to Psychological Pollution Among a Sample of Palestinian University StudentsHasna Ahmed Hassan Odeh; حسنة أحمد حسن عودة
2021Wife Abuse and its Relation with Psychosomatic Disorders Symptoms among a Sample of Married Women in Hebron GovernorateSamraa Nitham Qaaqoor; سمراء نظام عبد الرحمن قعقور
2021The Psychological Adjustment and its relationship to social support for a sample of patients with chronic renal failure at Palestine Medical ComplexTahany Abdelfattah Mathar; تهاني عبد الفتاح مظهر
2021Psychological Security and its Relation with Self-Concept Among Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ramallah and Albirah GovernorateOrub AyobAlarab; عروب أيوب العرب
2021Psychological Hardness and its Relation with Social Adjustment Among Families of Sentenced to Life Prisoners in Israeli Occupation PrisonsHassan Bsharat; حسن مصطفى أحمد حسن
2021Psychological Security and its Relationship with Self-concept Among Sample of Divorced Women in Hebron GovernorateSamar H. A. Al-Aqili; سمر حرب أحمد العقيلي
2021Body Image Estimate and its Relation with Psyehological Hardness Among Cancer Patients in Ramallah and Al-Bireh GovernorateRoaa Faad Mohammed Snaf; رؤى فائد محمد اسناف
2021Psychological and Social Effects Resulting from the Spread of Rumor in the Time of the Corona Pandemic and its Relationship to Psychological Security Among a Sample of Housewives in Ramallah and Al-Bireh GovernorateUroba Rayhan Shaheen; عروبة ريحان محمد شاهين
2021Exposure to the Traumatic Experience of Resulting of Viewing of Martyrs Pictures in the Media, and it’s Related to Symptoms of Psychosomatic Disorder for the Student of High School in the Hebron GovernanceMohammed Ahmad al-Mahdi; محمد أحمد سليمان المهدي
2021Unemployment Anxiety and its Relation with Psychological Compatibility Among Al-Quds Open University StudentsMaram Tartir; مرام عماد ترتير