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Title: The Relationship of Parental Treatment Methods with Professional Tendencies Among High School (Tawjihi) Students in Jerusalem City Schools
Authors: Shireen Zuhair Obeid
شيرين زهير عيسى عبيد
Keywords: Parental Treatment Methods, Professional Tendencies, High School Students (Tawjihi)
أساليب المعاملة الوالدية، الميول المهنية، طلبة الثانوية العامة(التوجيهي)
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: The present study aims to reveal the relationship of parental treatment methods with the Professional tendencies among high school (tawjihi) students in the Jerusalem city schools, according to the variables of gender, specialization, and the parents’ academic level wıth respect to the point of view of students. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher employs the descriptive correlational approach. A stratified random sample is selected according to the gender and specialization variables comprising 288 male and female students in the academic year 2020/2021. The researcher employs the following study tools: Parental treatment and Professional tendencies scales. The study results show that the relationship between realistic tendencies and parental treatment methods ranged between (-.008 _ -.361). The relationship between them is negative, with the exception of the relationship with the two methods: Excessive protection versus negligence and fluctuation in the treatment inconsistency where the relationship is positive. The study results also reveals that the relationship between each of the following tendencies: Analytical, social, exploratory, traditional, artistic, and professional as a whole, and the methods of parental treatment ranged between (.037 _-.361) It also show that the relationship was positive, except for the relationship with my style: Equality versus discrimination, and tolerance versus authoritarianism, which shows that the relationship is negatively inverse. The study come out with a set of recommendations that included the necessity for concerted cooperation efforts among the Directorate of Education, schools, educational institutions, and local community institutions. This cooperation is important in order to implement recreational programs and activities in which parents participate with children to attain psychological debriefings for parents and achieve emotional rapprochement between them and their children to minimize the pressures and burdens of life that may negatively affect their methods of dealing with their children.
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