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Title: Life Styles and Their Relations to Psychological Pollution Among a Sample of Palestinian University Students
Authors: Hasna Ahmed Hassan Odeh
حسنة أحمد حسن عودة
Keywords: Lifestyles, psychological pollution, university students.
أساليب الحياة، التلوث النفسي، الطلبة الجامعين.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the lifestyles and their relation with psychological pollution within a sample of Palestinian Universities Students. It also aimed at exploring the most popular lifestyle and the level of psychological pollution. Moreover, this study inspected the difference between the lifestyle and the level psychological pollution among that sample under the variables of gender, educational level, faculty and type of university. In order to fulfill the purpose of the study and test the hypotheses, the descriptive correlative methodology was used. Therefore, questionnaire was developed and reliability and validity of the tool were checked. The study was conducted on of the available study sample that was 405 male and female students from the Palestinian universities: 162 males and 243 females. After the data was collected and analyzed using SPSS, the researcher found the following results: The findings show that the cooperative type was the most common among the students with mean of ( 3.96). Results indicated that the level of psychological pollution among Palestinian students was low with mean of (2.30). also Results concluded ther is correlation between the psychological pollution and lifestyles with positive relation on the styles of avoidant, dependent and dominant. However, there was ther is correlation inversing and low, between the psychological pollution and the cooperative style. and the findings indicated that the dependent, the dominant and the avoidant styles showed together a contrast of (32.8%) in the level of psychological pollution among the participants. Results indicated significant differen in the dependent and dominant style in favor of the male students. Results showed differences of significance in the cooperative and the avoidant styles among participants which can be referred to the variable of university type. The differences came on the favor of governmental university, but difference of the avoidant came on the favor of private university. The findings differenc indications in the psychological pollution among participants that can be referred to gender and the college outcomes came on the favor of males and humanitarian faculties. With these findings of the study, the researcher recomm to Including life style issues and the problem of psychological pollution, especially after attaching to formal appearances in educational curricula in universities, focusing on male students and humanitarian colleges..
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