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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05-07QOU eCourse FrameworkOpen Learning Center
2023-03-22Rational Thinking and its Correlation with the Handling of Life Pressures Among a Sample of Female Workers at Sewing Workshops in Hebron GovernorateAbu Aziza, Afaf; أبو عزيزة, عفاف
2022The Reality of Educational Supervision in the Schools of Ramallah and Al- Bireh Governorate and its Relationship to the Outstanding Performance of Teachers from the School Principals Point of ViewNancy Rimon Rantisi; نانسي ريمون فريد رنتيسي
2021The Reality of Learned Helplessness and its Relationship to School Violence Among Basic School Students in Governmental Schools in Palestine from the point of view of CounselorsNadera Abdel-Mahdi Abdel-Sameei’ Geith; نادرة عبد المهدي عبد السميع غيث
2022-07-27The Reality of School Principals’ Methods in the Governmental Secondary Schools of the Northern Governorates and its Relationship to the Creative Administration from the Point of View of Teachers and PrincipalsOthman, Majd; عثمان, مجد
2022The Reality of the Strategic Development Planning and its Role in Meeting the Needs of Local Councils in Villages West of Ramallahسناء حسن أحمد جبر
2021The Reality of Using Integrated Supervision in Public Schools and Ways to Develop it in Light of Recent Orientations from Viewpoints of Educational Supervisors in the Middle Directorates of the Northern GovernoratesMohanad Shafiq Mustafa Salman; مهند شفيق مصطفى سلمان
-“Reasons for Worker's Refrain to work in the Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ) - A case of Jordan”Al- wadi, Mahmoud; Azzam, Zakaria; Assaf, Ahmad; Khrais, Ebrahim
2021The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Strategic Performance in the Palestinian Municipalities Classified - A - in the Northern GovernoratesNancy Mohammed Hussein; نانسي محمد حسين
2021The Relationship of Parental Treatment Methods with Professional Tendencies Among High School (Tawjihi) Students in Jerusalem City SchoolsShireen Zuhair Obeid; شيرين زهير عيسى عبيد
2021-03-27The Relationship of Parental Treatment Methods with Professional Tendencies Among High School (Tawjihi) Students in Jerusalem City SchoolsAbaid, Shereen; عبيد, شيرين
2018: Relatives Clauses in the Ten Odes ( Hanging Poems / Al Mu’allaqat), a semantic grammatical studyNoura Hamdallah Qadah; نورة حمد الله قدح
-Reliability of 2-within Consecutive (2,2)-out-of-(m,n) : F Systems Using Markov ChainNashwan, Imad I. H.
2021The Requirements of Electronic Management Application and its Role in Institutional Performance in Ministry of Health in PalestineMariana Waheed Abdullatif Al-Masri; ماريانا وحيد عبد اللطيف مصري
2021-09-29Research Formatting Guidelinesعمادة البحث الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي; Graduate Studies & Scientific Research
2020Resilience and its Relation with Perceived Self-Efficacy among Al-Quds Open University Students’- Ramallah and Al-Bireh BranchDunia Mohammed Hasan Al-rimawi; دنيا محمد حسن الريماوي
2021-09-27Review FormsGraduate Studies & Scientific Research; عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي
2022The Role of Administrative Control in the Development of the Administrative Performance of Public-school Principals and its Relationship to Administrative Creativity From their Point of View, in the Northern Provinces.Kholoud Khaled Abdel Qader Jibreen; خلود خالد عبد القادر جبرين
2021The Role of Civil Society Organizations Working in East Jerusalem in Empowering Jerusalemite WomenTaghreed Muhammad Maarouf Arab Rishq; تغريد "محمد معروف" عرب رشق
2021Role of Palestine Standards Institution in improving the competitiveness advantage of local product (A survey study on the food industry)كامل سليمان عبد سليمان