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Title: The Reality of the Strategic Development Planning and its Role in Meeting the Needs of Local Councils in Villages West of Ramallah
Authors: سناء حسن أحمد جبر
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aimed at diagnosing and understanding the relationship between strategic development planning and meeting the needs of local authorities in the villages west of Ramallah from the point of view of members of local councils. The local bodies in the villages of west Ramallah, which numbered (400), according to the statistics of the Ministry of Local Government for the year 2020. The student chose an accessible sample representing a number of members of local councils in the villages of west of Ramallah, where the study sample consisted of (250) female and male members. It was distributed to all members of the study sample, and after collecting and analyzing data, the following results were reached: The reality of strategic development planning in local authorities in the area of villages west of Ramallah was high. Also, the local authorities seek to provide the needs in the field of education and health on a permanent basis. Accordingly, the student made the following recommendations: 1. Working to open direct channels of communication with donors, to obtain development projects, in the areas of infrastructure and human infrastructure as well, in the interest of the region and its citizens, in order to achieve the principle of reliability, with the knowledge of the necessity of informing the central level of what is going on. 2. Work by local authorities to implement strategic development plans in accordance with the approved budget. 3. The need for the assistance of local authorities with specialists to prepare and analyze strategic development plans.
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