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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Java-based Program for Computing the Wiener Index of a Body - Centered Cubic GraphMujahed, Dr. Hamzeh; Al-Quds Open University; Basbous, Dr. Raed; Al-Quds Open University
2022Job Performance of Employees in the Directorates of Education in the Northern Governorates and its Relationship to the Evaluation Patterns Used from the Point View of Head Divisions and EmployeesRami Basam Khoury; رامي بسام جورج خوري
-Jordanian English Language Teachers' Attitudes towards Using Facebook in their TeachingAbdel Karim Abu Saalik, Mr. Rami Ali; وزارة التربية والتعليم العالي الاردنية
2021Knowledge Management and its effect on Institutional Excellence at General Personnel Council in Palestineرجاء محمد ياسين عودة
2014-01-24The Language of Mass media and Diplomacy-
2014-01-24The Language of Mass media and Diplomacy-
2023-04-02The Leadership Roles of Government School Principals in Light of the Requirements of Change Management and its Relationship to Administrative Creativity from the Point of View of Supervisors and Teachers in the Northern GovernoratesAbu Snaina, Inas; أبو سنينة, إيناس
2021The Leadership Style of Public-School Principals and its Relationship to job Immersion Among Teachers of Schools Affiliated with the Education Directorates in the Suburbs of Jerusalem, Ramallah and Al-Bireh from Teachers ViewsFerial maqbol; فـريـال احمد حسن مقبول
2022The level of evaluating the management of blended education programs in public schools in Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate and ways to activate it from the point of view of teachers and principals.Iman Mahmoud Mohammed Qassem; إيمان محمود محمد قاسم
2022-09-11The Level of Research Skills of School Principals and their Relationship to the Development of Teacher Performance from the Point of View of Educational Supervisors, Deputy Principals and Teachers in UNRWA Schools in the Northern GovernoratesHusien, Ilham; حسين, إلهام
2019Life satisfaction and its relation to psychological hardiness in patients with renal failure in Hebron governorateNoor Maher Abu Rmailah; نور ماهر رباح أبو ارميلة
2021Life Styles and Their Relations to Psychological Pollution Among a Sample of Palestinian University StudentsHasna Ahmed Hassan Odeh; حسنة أحمد حسن عودة
-Lifestyle Retirement Impact on The Health Fitness among Employees working in the "Se-curity Sectors"Zerf Mohammed, Dr.
2021The Linguistic phenomena in Part X and XI of the Qur'an in The Light of The Phenomenon Linguistic ExpansionRasha Mohammed Mahmoud Araj; رشا محمد محمود أعرج
2019The literary criticism from its inception until the fifth Hijri centuryAmani Hasan Mohamad Hamad; أماني حسن محمد حمد
2014-01-25Literary Translation-
2014-01-25Literary Translation-
-Love And War In The Poetry of Fadwa TuqanJarrar, Waleed Sadeq
-MANET Routing Protocols: Comparative StudySaada, Imad I.; Zaghal, Raed
2019Marital Adjustment Strategies with Emotional Divorce among a Sample of Couples in Ramallah and Al-Bireh GovernorateSajeda Mohammad Ibraheem Al-Baz; ساجدة محمد إبراهيم الباز