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Title: The Linguistic phenomena in Part X and XI of the Qur'an in The Light of The Phenomenon Linguistic Expansion
Authors: Rasha Mohammed Mahmoud Araj
رشا محمد محمود أعرج
Keywords: Linguistic expansion/predominance/emed/ delete.
الاتِّساع اللُّغوي، التَّغليب، التَّضمين، الحذف .
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: The Holy Quran is the miraculous words of Allah. It is sent down in standard Arabic. To understand the Qur'an and its provisions, it is necessary to understand its language and its miraculous linguistic features. Arabic is the tool of knowledge and the key to science and understanding religion. Therefore, this study aims to look at the linguistic phenomena in the Qur'an (Part X and XI) in light of the phenomenon of linguistic expansion. The linguistic expansion is a form of metaphor, so it is necessary to detect the faces of the metaphor in the phenomena that have been addressed, and to show the effect of expansion on them. Accordingly, the researcher defined and clarified the concept of linguistic expansion, talked about linguistic phenomena, and then applied them directly on the verses of Allah. This thesis consists of an abstract, introduction, three chapters, a conclusion, including results and recommendations, and then a list of sources and references. The first chapter tackles the phenomenon of linguistic expansion and four linguistic topics: The first topic: the concept of expansion llexically and idiomatically. The second topic: the ancient scholars’ concept of expansion. The third topic: the modern scholars’ concept of expansion. The fourth topic: the justifications for expansion. The second chapter (manifestations of linguistic expansion) was addressed and included four topics: The first topic: Qur'anic readings and parsing influence on them. The second topic: omission in the Holy Quran The third topic: anastrophe in the Holy Quran Fourth Topic: prosecution The third chapter, titled "Lexical Expansion", has four topics as follows: The first topic: predominance Second topic: inclusion Third topic: Synonyms Fourth topic: Antonyms
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