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Title: The role of public relations in improving the mental image about the Palestinian police apparatus among citizens in the northern governorates
Authors: حنين وجيه جميل وهدان
Keywords: Relation public, Mentally image, Palestinian police apparatus.
العلاقات العامة، الصورة الذهنية، جهاز الشرطة الفلسطينية.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: The objective of this study to know about the general relationship in improvement the mentality image about the Palestinian police at the side of people northern governorates, the study community from all the people northern governorates the in first semester form the universal year 2021/2022, and the study sample it's from(400)citizen male and female, the researcher used the detect was tool for studying, that is two section, the first section: personal data about the responded(sex ,older ,type of the work ,scientific quantification ), and the study variable, which is the first variable about the public relations ,which is contain three ways (mass media, tool of communication with citizens ,and communication with other in situations ) and the second variable it was mentality image so this variable include three interval(how to dealing with citizens, the role of preventive the general look for police man ). It has check from the possibility of dependent on detect through the special test by calculate (Cronbach Alpha), the totality ratio was on all the detect, also for study variable (Public relationship, mental image) equal (0.80),(0.88)on sequence that is a high stability confirm the possibility use the tool. The study results is general degree for estimate individual sample study for general relations filed, it came in high degree for every ways (mass media, the communicate with citizen, the communicate with other institution), it turned out the moral effect for the public relationship for Palestinian policeman in improvement mentality image for citizens in three ways(how to deal with citizen ,the role of protective for police system) ,also the study resultshow the inexistence different individual between response the search about the role of general relationship in improvement the mineral image about the Palestinian policemen to citizen in northern governorate (sex ,scientific qualification),while the moral differences show between the response of singular research about the role general relationship in improvement the mental image about the Palestinian police man for citizens in northern governor rate for two variable (age group ,kind of job)that for :age group (30-40)years, and for plain private sector on sequence. Therefore the stud results, the searcher recommended the police man work in general, and the general relationship work in private, in condition to attention more about the public relation, as is custom that have been taken in this study(mass media, the communicate with citizen, the communicate with other institution ), real recommended to public relations department work to care about more for the mental image as is custom , that have been taken in this study( the procedure deal with citizen( the role of police service preventative , the general look for police man ). So from the future studies that her suggested retest the hypothesis for this study in other public intuition (ministry of the interior and depended affiliated and retest the hypothesis this study from several brought to the attention (community leaders business organization).
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