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Title: " Educational Supervisors’ Level of Supervisory Competencies and its Relatedness to Evaluation Skills from Public School Teachers’ Perspectives at Directorates of Education in the Northern Governorates"
Authors: Sahar Kamal Assad Suleiman Al-Ees
سحر كمال أسعد سليمان العيس
Keywords: Supervisory competencies, evaluation skills, educational supervisors, northern governorates.
الكفايات الإشرافية، مهارات التقييم، المشرف التربوي، المحافظات الشمالية.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aims to detect the level of supervisory competencies of educational supervisors and its relationship with the evaluation skills from the point of view of public schools teachers at the Directorates of Education in the northern governorates. It also aims to detect the differences according to the following independent variables: gender, specializations, academic qualifications, years of experience, and directorates. The researcher adopts the descriptive correlative and qualitative approach and selects a random cluster sample according to gender and directorate, which includes (374) from a community origin (13973) teachers of the academic year 2021/2022. The researcher relied on two tools: using personal interview questionnaire for qualitative analysis and the questionnaire for quantitative analysis where experts in the field review the questionnaire. Moreover, the researcher verifies the credibility and reliability as well as data analysis using adequate statistical methods. The questionnaire consists of (70) questions, as follows: The first scale is the supervisory competencies divided into four areas of 40 questions. The second scale is the evaluation skills and includes 30 questions. Moreover, the results showed that educational supervisors’ supervisory competencies in all areas have an arithmetic mean of (3.79) with a percentage of (75.8%,) which is high. In contrast, the degree of the educational supervisors’ evaluation skills has an arithmetic mean of (3.50) with a percentage of (70%), which is medium. There is a statically significant correlation at the level (p < .01) between the supervisory competencies and evaluation skills from the teachers’ point of view. Finally, Pearson’s correlation coefficient is( .706**), and the correlation is positive. The researcher recommends that the Palestinian Ministry of Education to reduce burdon on the educational supervisor and determining his quorum of schools and teachers to be able to follow up and evaluate. Also school Administration cooperation and provision of sufficient equipment for supervisors. Delegating the educational supervisor powers to face the problems he faces and help him in decision- making.
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