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Title: The Impact of Management Information Systems on the Effectiveness of Decision-Making in Palestinian Local Government Units from Employees Perspective: Information Quality as a Mediator
Authors: Nawal Foqha
نوال محمود فياض فقها
Keywords: management information systems, effective decision-making, information quality, Palestinian local government units, system flexibility, system sophistication.
نظم المعلومات الإدارية؛ فعالية اتخاذ القرار؛ جودة المعلومات؛ وحدات الحكم المحلي الفلسطيني؛ مرونة النظم؛ رقي النظم.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: Decision making is one of the most important processes inside the organization. Decision-maker seeks the effectiveness of his decisions when decision achieves its goals. This dissertation aimed to identify the impact of management information systems on the effectiveness of decision-making in Palestinian local government institutions from the employees’ point of view. The researcher adopted the descriptive analytical approach for its suitability for the study. The research population included workers in the local authorities in Jenin Governorate. A random sample of (168) was drawn and questionnaires (containing 30 items) were randomly distributed to them. The statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and (SPSS Process plugin V3.5) were used to analyze the data. Many statistical methods were used to achieve the objectives of the study and reach its results، including simple regression analysis and Model No. 4 in (SPSS Process plugin V3.5) to analyze the mediating variable. After these tests were conducted، the following results were reached: It was found that the quality of the information system has a high impact on the quality of decision-making، as the impact ratio was (R2 = 0.780). And that the quality of information systems affects the quality of the extracted information، as the effect ratio is (R2 = 0.680). Results show that information system sophistication has more effect on decision quality than information system flexibility, impacts are (R2=0.555) and (R2=0.529) respectively. Finally, results show that information quality does not mediate the relationship between information system quality and decision quality. The researcher recommended a set of recommendations, the most important of which are: Local government units should try to increase information system quality since it has a good effect on decision quality and information quality. Moreover, Local government units should ensure that the information system should have the ability to adapt to new work requirements.
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