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Title: "The Impact of Civil Society Organization (SCOs) Budget Monitoring on the Enhancement of the Governments Fiscal performance In the Case of a Governing Society
Authors: أحمد محمد أنيس زيود
Keywords: (SCOs) Budget Monitoring, fiscal performance, Palestinian Authority, governance.
جماعة الموازنة، الأداء المالي، السلطة الوطنية الفلسطينية، الحوكمة
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aims to define the Impact of Civil Society Organization (SCOs) Budget Monitoring on the Enhancement of the Governments Fiscal performance In the Case of a Governing Society" in light of the research sample’s awareness of the applied governance standards. This study depends on the descriptive-analytical correlative method; a questionnaire was distributed to collect data. The study community consists of employees working in the General Administration of Budget, the General Administration of Following-up Budget in the Ministry of Finance, and all representatives of civil society organizations concerned with the budget within the civil team to support budget transparency (81 employees). The researcher used the comprehensive survey method on all members of the study community, the total of the questionnaires was 76, which represent the study sample, and the statistical analysis program (Smart PIS) and (SPSS) were used to extract the results of the study. The most important results of the study: The areas of work of the (SCOs) Budget Monitoring (the public activities that it organizes), (its relationship with the executive authority), (its relationship with the legislative authority) with a total degree of (3.74), which is high. As for governance standards (transparency, accountability, integrity, participation), the total score was (3.5), which is a high degree. As for the financial performance, the total degree was (3.31), which is a medium degree. The study finds out that the (SCOs) Budget Monitoring has a high impact in improving the fiscal performance of the Palestinian National Authority in light of applying governance standards. The study came out with important recommendations for the government: To provide an enabling, participatory (both political and legislative) environment that promotes a democratic approach with civil society. Work to create a participatory approach to activate partnership and cooperation frameworks. The government needs to enact laws and legislation access to information and strengthen regulations and laws to ensure applying governance standards in the various stages of budget preparation and that the budget structure is more transparent and participatory. Concerning the recommendations for civil society institutions: civil society organizations (the civic team) need to have a remarkable role in preparing the budget through improving public participation, media publications, holding seminars, and policy analysis in cooperation with experts, academics, journalists, and government employees. The civil team needs to develop more effective means to influence the executive authority by strengthening the relationship with leaders in the bureaucratic systems to be more involved in drafting budgets. Raising awareness of the Palestinian community about the relevance of understanding the public budget, transparency, and accountability is necessary
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