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Title: Psychological Stress and its relation to mental Resilience and Vocational Adjustment of the teachers in the old city of Hebron
Authors: Sabreen Azmi Sabri Al zogahayer
صابرين عزمي صبري زغـير
Keywords: Psychological Stress, Psychogical Resilience, Vocational Adjustment.
الضغوط النفسية، الصمود النفسي، التوافق المهني.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aimed to examine the Psychological stress, Psychological Resilience and Vocational Adjustment of the teachers in the old city of Hebron schools, and the effects of some variables such as (gender, passing Check points, the Academic qualifications and experience) Thus, the researcher has used descriptive correlational method ,and developed a three dimensioned scale, ( Psychological stress gauge, including check points, students and school management, & Psychogical Resilience, & Vocational Adjustment). (169) teachers were randomly selected, SPSS program was used to analyze and process data. The results of the study have shown that a mid-level of pressure was found with the old city teachers, plus some statistically differences on in favour of the Psychological stress, passing check points and management of Males Moreover, there were no differences shown affecting the students in favour of the gender, there no statistically differences in favour of the Academic qualifications, years of experience, crossing checkpoints. In addition, there were statistically differences at the indication(α≤ 0.05) at level of the Psychological stress in favour of passing the checkpoints according to the experience variable. Results also had shown a high level of resilience with the ancient city’s teachers, vocational adjustment, And there were no statistical connection between the Statistical indications (α≤0.05) and psychological stress, psychological resilience and occupational adjustment. For the school management scale, the results had shown a weak statistical connection between management and vocational adjustment, and there was a statistical connection between the indication (α≤0.05) and the resilience and vocational adjustment.
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