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تاريخ الإصدارالعنوانالمؤلف (المؤلفون)
2019-03-25Partner Selection Criteria and its Relation to Marital Compatibility among Sample of Married Employees in Educational Directorate of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate SchoolsGhaudan, Wafa'; غيظان, وفاء
2021-02-13Irrational Thoughts and Their Relation to Academic Procrastination in a Sample of Secondary Stage Students in the Schools of Ramallah and AlBireh Governorate – PalestineYahya, Wa'd; يحيى, وعد
2019-02-05Marital skills and their relation to marital satisfactions for newly married women in Rammallah and Al-Beireh GovernorateAwawdeh, Neda'; عواودة, نداء
2021-02-14Identity Crisis and its Relationship to Self-concept among Adolescents in the Schools of Bethlehem GovernorateAhesawi, Mohannad; العيساوي, مهند
2019-01-29The Effectiveness of a Counseling Cognitive- Behavioral Program in Improving Psychological Well- Being among Al- Quds Open University StudentsDamiri, Mohannad; ضميري, مهند
2021-09-13Methods of Coping with Traumatic Events and their Relationship to Psychological Immunity Among Photojournalists Working in PalestineAlabed, Montaser; العبد, منتصر
2023-03-06This Thesis is submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Master’s Degree in Psychological and Educational Counseling Al-Quds Open University (Palestine)Maraqa, Mutaz; مرقة, معتز
2019-01-22The Impact of a Cognitive Behavioral Program Counseling on Reducing Psychological Stress Among a Sample of Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderTwam, Mariam; توام, مريم
2019-05-21Parenting Styles and their Relationship to the Academic Achievement Motivation among High School Students in JerusalemBakri, Mohammad; بكري, محمد
2019-09-07Attitudes of Educational Counselors Towards Professional Counseling and Their Relation to Professional Guidance Skills in the Governmental Schools of Northern GovernoratesMohsen, Mohammad; محسن, محمد
2021-03-20Exposure to the Traumatic Experience of Resulting of Viewing of Martyrs Pictures in the Media, and it’s Related to Symptoms of Psychosomatic Disorder for the Student of High School in the Hebron GovernanceAlmahdi, Mohammad; المهدي, محمد
2020-12-07The Predictability of Self-concept, Psychological Hardness, and Psychological Security Associated to Social Behavior Among Hearing- Impaired Secondary School Students in PalestineSamhan, Majeda; سمحان, ماجدة
2022-07-05The Predictive Ability of Positive Thinking and Emotional Balance in the Quality of Life Among Students of Al-Quds Open University - PalestineQasrawi, Omar; قصراوي, عمر
2023-03-22Rational Thinking and its Correlation with the Handling of Life Pressures Among a Sample of Female Workers at Sewing Workshops in Hebron GovernorateAbu Aziza, Afaf; أبو عزيزة, عفاف
2021-02-13Academic Adjustment and its Relation with Optimism and Pessimism among Graduate Studies Students at Al-Quds Open University in Light of the Shift Towards E-learning due to Corona PandemicShaheen, Abeer; شاهين, عبير
2021-03-27The Relationship of Parental Treatment Methods with Professional Tendencies Among High School (Tawjihi) Students in Jerusalem City SchoolsAbaid, Shereen; عبيد, شيرين
2021-03-16Wife Abuse and its Relation with Psychosomatic Disorders Symptoms among a Sample of Married Women in Hebron GovernorateKa'kour, Samra'; قعقور, سمراء
2019-06-18Marital Adjustment Strategies with Emotional Divorce among a Sample of Couples in Ramallah and Al-Bireh GovernorateAlbaz, Sajeda; الباز, ساجدة
2022-06-25Psychological security and its relationship to self-efficacy and methods of combating sexual harassment among a sample of high school female students in the Northern GovernoratesGangar, Reem; قنقر, ريم
2022-08-28Predictive Ability of Cognitive Distortions and Death Anxiety in Quality of Life Among a Sample of Elderly in PalestineAlkurdi, Dalia; الكردي, داليا
Collection's Items (Sorted by تاريخ التقديم in تنازليا order): 1 to 20 of 123