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Title: Partner Selection Criteria and its Relation to Marital Compatibility among Sample of Married Employees in Educational Directorate of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate Schools
Authors: Ghaudan, Wafa'
غيظان, وفاء
Keywords: Deciding on spouse
marital matching
married employees
معايير اختيار الشريك
التوافق الزواجي
المتزوجون العاملون
Issue Date: 25-Mar-2019
Publisher: Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aims at knowing the relationship between standards of deciding on a spouse and those of marital matching for married employees working in Ramallah and AL_Bireh schools . In order to achieve the study aims, the researcher used the descriptive correlational method, and a questionnaire was developed as a tool for the study. It consisted of (45) items distributed between two tools: the measuring tool of standards for deciding on a spouse, which includes the following dimensions: physical ,cultural ,economic, social, and value, and the marital matching tool. The questionnaire was applied on a sample of (245) teachers (male and female) chosen through the random-stratified method. After preparing and coding ,the sample was fed into the computer processed using SPSS program for social sciences. The study arrived at a number of findings, the most important of which was that the connection matrix between the one of deciding on a spouse and those of marital matching indicated that the economic standard was the standard most connected to marital matching, followed by the physical, then the religious and value, and then the psychological and lastly the social dimension. It was found that there was no statistically significant differences (α < 0.05)in the standards of deciding on a spouse that were attributed to gender, economic situation and residence variables. It was also found that there were no statically significant differences (α < 0.05) in marital matching for the sample of married employees at the Directorate of Education in Ramallah and AI-Bireh governorate the were attributed to economic situation, except for the social dimension for the benefit of 3000 shekels
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