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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Palestinian and Global Cultural Dimensions in English for Palestine Textbooks for Grades 11 & 12Abbas, Insaf
2020The Palestinian Persona in the Arabic novel: The Arab Gulf, the Arab Maghreb and the Levant Settings – A ModelYousof Ibrahim Yousof Al-Refai; يوسف إبراهيم يوسف الرفاعي
2019Parenting Styles and their Relationship to the Academic Achievement Motivation among High School Students in JerusalemMohammed nour eldin" yousef bakri; محمد نور الدين يوسف البكري
2018The passive Voice Verb (Al-Baqara Sura) Within a Psychological and Grammatical StudyMazen Ahmed Hamed
-Perspectives on Teaching Palestinian First Graders Reading in English: Teachers’ Experiences and TrainingAbu Al-Humos, Omar
-Phenotyping of LDL using Polyacrylamide Gel Tube Electrophoresis (PGTE, Quantimetrix) and its comparison with Non denaturant gel Electophoresis (NDGGE)Othman, Dr.Yousra
2020Post-Traumatic Stress and its Relation with Future Anxiety Disorder among Palestinians Families who have Lost their Houses in Jerusalem by the Israeli OccupationTahani Ahmad Nimer Allawzi; تهاني أحمد نمر اللوزي
2021“Practices of Educational Supervisors in Leading Change and its Relation with Teaching Performance Quality from School Principals' Point of View in the Northern Governorates in Governmental Schools in Palestine (Field Study)”Hiyam Khalil Mousa Awadallah; هيام خليل موسى عوض الله
2021The Practicing Degree of Job Rotation of Governmental Schools’ Principals at the Directorates of Education in the Northern Governorates and its Relationship with the Excellence Management from Administrators’ point of viewMaysam Bassam Mahmoud Barzouk; ميسم بسام محمود برزوق
-Predict the Main Factors that Affect the Vegetable Production in Palestine Using WEKA Data Mining ToolAbuzir, Dr. Yousef; Al-Quds Open University
2020The Predictability of Self-concept, Psychological Hardness, and Psychological Security Associated to Social Behavior Among Hearing- Impaired Secondary School Students in PalestineMajeda Rafiq Samhan; ماجدة رفيق سمحان
2019Psycho- Social Problems and their Relations with Psychological Stresses among Inmates of Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centers in West Bank GovernoratesAreen Al Sheikh; عرين موسى شيخ علي
2019Psychological Alienation and its Relation with Future Anxiety among Al - Quds Open University Students - Tulkarem BranchAshraf Muhammad Haj Ibrahim; أشرف محمد حج ابراهيم
2019Psychological and Social Adjustment and its Relation to Self-esteem among Widowed Women in Jerusalem and its EnvironsShatha Sadeq Mohamed Ghanem; شذى صادق محمد غانم
2018Psychological and Social Problems and its Relation with Future Anxiety among the Children Enrolled in Accommodation Institutions in the West BankEsraa Sulaiman Yahya Balalu; إسراء سليمان يحيى بلالو
2020Psychological Burnout and its Relation with Job Satisfaction among Specialists in Handicapped Institutions in Ramallah and AL-Bireh GovernorateMaha Bajis Hussein Dar Al-Sheikh; مها باجس حسين دار الشيخ
2021Psychological Exhaustion and its Relationship to Marital Stability Among Married Nurses in the Palestine Medical Complex During Corona PandemicAsmaa Mahmoud Abdel Hafeez Diba; أسماء محمود عبد الحفيظ ديبه
2021Psychological Hardness and its Relationship to Emotional Balance Among Nurses Working in Quarantine Centers in Hebron Governorate due to the Korna PandemicIman Yahya Eid Abu Aram; إيمان يحيى عيد ابوعرام
2020Psychological Immunity as an Intermediate Variable between Psychological Stress and Emotional Balance among Females Working in the Palestinian Security ForcesFalastine Ibrahim Jebreene; فلسطين إبراهيم مصطفى جبريني
2020Psychological Rigidity and its Relation with Psychological Adjustment Among Palestinian Officers of National Security in West Bank - PalestineAli Atta Al Sayed Arousi Mughrabi; علي عطا عروسي مغربي