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Title: The passive Voice Verb (Al-Baqara Sura) Within a Psychological and Grammatical Study
Authors: Mazen Ahmed Hamed
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aims to psychologically survey passive voice verb in "Al-Baqara Sura"; it is a psychological and indicative study of the passive voice verb; hence, the researcher has grammatically studied it and he has clarified its concept, its formation and the synonyms that reflect. The researcher has gradually classified the study till he reached the psychological analysis which reveals the figurative secrets of the Holy Quran and its miracles. Firstly, the researcher started studying the principle of the contextual ellipsis and he classified the verbs of the passive in a table, revealing the verb, the verse and the number of the verse accompanied with comments. The first Chapter A grammatical study of the verbs of the passive voice The Second Chapter The Ellipsis Phenomenon The Third chapter A Statistical study of the verbs of the passive voice in "Al-Baqara" The fourth Chapter The researcher has studied the language as well as the linguistics and its origin, reaching the psychology of the language due to the intertwined correlation "Psychological linguistics" which is considered as one of the main issues which deal with the psychological explanation of the Holy Quran. ك The fifth Chapter The researcher has induced psychological significance of the passive voice verb from Al-Baqara which included many passive voice verbs; moreover, he commented and cited many verses, signifying every case. It is worth mentioning, the researcher has been able to clarify these verbs which include psychological significances
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