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Title: Parenting Styles and their Relationship to the Academic Achievement Motivation among High School Students in Jerusalem
Authors: Mohammed nour eldin" yousef bakri
محمد نور الدين يوسف البكري
Keywords: Parental methods, motive of academic achievement, high school, Jerusale
أساليب المعاملة الوالدية، دافعية الإنجاز الأكاديمي، المرحلة الثانوية، القدس الشريف.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aims to identify the relationship between the parenting styles and the academic achievement motivation among the high school students in Jerusalem. The sample of this study consisted of (356) female and male students, they were randomly selected. The results of the studies showed that the level of the “Dominating Dimension” of parental styles of both parents was average; while on the “Strictness Dimension”, it was high. As for the “Indulgent Dimension”, the level was low, which led to an average motivation level for academic achievement. Furthermore, the study showed that there is a positive correlation between the “Strictness” parental methods and the “Academic Achievement Motivation” dimensions. In other words, when the “Strictness” dimension increases, the “Academic Achievement Motivation” dimension increases as well, and vice versa. Also, there was a negative correlation between the “Indulgent” dimension, especially from the mother’s side, and the “Academic Achievement motivation” dimension. Moreover, the study yielded that there were differences in the parental sytles level attributed to the gender with regard to, the “Dominating and Indulgent” dimensions, the differences were in favor of males. Also, there were differences due to grade in favor of the 10th grade. However, there were no differences due to the GPA of the previous grade. But there were differences in the level of the parental methods regarding the mother’s image due to gender in favor of the males, while they were in favor of females in the “Strictness” dimension. In addition, there were differences attributed to GPA from 70 to 85 of the previous class. Furthermore, the results manifested that there were no differences in the level of the Academic Achievement Motivation among the high school students in Jerusalem due to gender, and the GPA of the previous grade, unless the GPA is 86 or higher.
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