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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03-28The Degree of Availability of Administrative Competencies of School Principals and their Relationship to classroom Managing Creativity among Public School Teachers from the Point of View of Principals and Teachers in Government Schools in the Northern GovernoratesMahmoud, Areeg; محمود, أريج
2021The Degree of Availability of Performance competencies for Teachers of Public Secondary Schools and Their Relationship to supervisory roles from Their Point of View in Hebron GovernorateHamed Mohamed Hammad Khalil; حامد محمد حماد خليل
2019The degree of bullying among students in the higher elementary education stage from the point of view of principals, teachers and counselors of Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate public schools and their strategies in dealing with themShorouq Ziad Fayiz Shoukha; شروق زياد فايز شوخة
2022The degree of e-learning in public school In the northern governorates and their relationship to the professional development of teachers from the point of PrincipalsAyah Nabeel Jarboa; آية نبيل أحمد جربوعة
2023-03-05The Degree of Secondary Government School Principals’ Practice of Administrative Transparency and its Relationship to the Level of Teachers’ Organizational Commitment from Principals’ and Teachers’ Point of view in PalestineAbd-alraziq, Ghada; عبد الرازق, غادة
2022The degree to which school principals possess competencies in electronic administration and the degree to which they practice them in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate from the point of view of teachers and educational supervisors.Issam Rizk Mofleh Aweidah; عصام رزق مفلح عويضة
-Detection of Three honeybee Viruses in Palestine using RT- PCRSawalha, Hazem
-Determining English Language Teachers’ Attitudes toward Using the Mother Tongue in the EFL ClassroomQadumi, Hussam Ahmad
2016-05-15eCourseFramework-AROpen Learning Center; Open Learning Center
2022" Educational Supervisors’ Level of Supervisory Competencies and its Relatedness to Evaluation Skills from Public School Teachers’ Perspectives at Directorates of Education in the Northern Governorates"Sahar Kamal Assad Suleiman Al-Ees; سحر كمال أسعد سليمان العيس
2021Educational Supervisors’ Levels of Possession of Supervisory Competencies and its relation to supervisory Practices in view of Societal Knowledge Practices and Governmental Schools’ Principals view in the Northern GovernancesJehad Isa Mohammed Dasa; جهاد عيسى محمد دسه
-Effect of Foliar Application of Various Combinations of NPK Fertilizers on Banana SuckersBitar, Dr. Alai
2020The effect of grammatical structures on the battle image in the Holy Quran (Bader-Uhud-Al-Ahzab (Shurooq Jamal Tawil; شروق جمال يحيى طويل
-Effect of High Magnetic Field Annealing on Terfenol-D (Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe1.92) films Prepared by Sol-Gel MethodEl-Kawni, Dr. Marwan Izzat; Al-Quds Open University; Garmestani, Prof. Hamid; Al-Quds Open University
2020The Effect of Playing Electronic Games on Aggressive Behavior and its relation with Parental Treatment Methods among Students in the Lower Basic Stage in Ramallah and AL-Beria Governmental Schools from the Parents Point of viewAla'a Samih Suleiman Qasarwa; ألآء سميح قصاروة
2020The effect of the Wine on poetic trends according to Abu Nowwas: tradition, innovation and creation.Haneen Al-Diriyah; حَنين محمد مَحْمُود الدِّيريّه
2019The Effectiveness of a Cognitive Behavioral Counseling Program in Reducing Psychological Stress and Increasing Marital Adjustment among Married Nurses in Ramallah and Al-Bireh GovernateSana Saleh Mohammad Abdullah; سناء صالح محمد عبدالله
2021The Effectiveness of a Cognitive Behavioral Counseling Program to Reduce Future Anxiety Among a Sample of Psoriasis Patients in Ramallah and Al-Bireh GovernorateLana Shaban Abdeen Shaban; لانا شعبان عابدين شعبان
2019The Effectiveness of a Cognitive Counseling Program in Reducing Cognitive Distortions among Al- Quds Open University StudentsAbed Alrhman Ahmed Tamoni; عبد الرحمن أحمد محمود طموني
2020The Effectiveness of a Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling Program in Improving Social Skills and Reducing Feeling of Shyness among Adolescence Students in JerusalemReeman Adeeb Al-Shaikh; ريمان أديب جودة الشيخ