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Title: Detection of Three honeybee Viruses in Palestine using RT- PCR
Authors: Sawalha, Hazem
Abstract: Honeybee viruses cause a serious problem that beekeepers sufferpersistently from, in Palestine. The presence of honeybee viruses is responsible,with other factors for the recurrent apiary collapse. In the current research, adultand immature bee samples collected from Jenin (1214) , Tulkarm (1016) andNablus (1032) districts were tested for three honeybee viruses using RT- PCRand specific primers. Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) , Acute Bee ParalysisVirus (ABPV) , and Sac Brood Virus (SBV) were detected in the collectedsamples with different infection levels. The DWV was the predominant virusinfecting honeybees in the studied Palestinian territories. Infection frequencieswith this virus were 34 - 86% and 13 - 59% for adult bee workers and broodsrespectively. ABPV was the second most virus attacking bee colonies in thestudied regions, followed by SBV. The maximum infections of adult beeworkers with ABPV was 22% whereas 18% infection was recorded for SBV.The mixed infection with these viruses elucidates that they act together tocause apiary failure. This is the first report of the detection of bee viruses inPalestine using molecular techniques.
Appears in Collections:Journal of Al-Quds Open University for Humanities and Social Research - مجلة جامعة القدس المفتوحة للبحوث الإنسانية والاجتماعية

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