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Title: Effectiveness of a Counselling Programme Based on Behavioural Cognitive Theory in Enhancing Marital Coping Skills among a Sample of New Wives in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate
Authors: Abu kamleh, Khadeja
أبو كاملة, خديجة
Keywords: guidance program
marital adjustment skills
new wives
برنامج إرشادي
مهارات التكيف الزواجي
الزوجات الجديدات
Issue Date: 20-May-2019
Publisher: Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: The study aimed at survey the effectiveness of a collective mentorship program based on behavioural cognitive theory to enhance the marital adjustment skills of a sample of new wives in Ramallah and al-Bireh. The study community of all the new wives in the first five years of marriage working in Ministry of Education in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate and the number, (80) Wives of 2018, according to statistics provided to the researcher from the Ministry of Education in Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate, the sample of the study was made up of (32) wives who has obtained the lowest degrees of marital adjustment skills. The study sample was randomly distributed to two equal groups, experimental and control group, with 16 wives in each group. The measure of marital adjustment was used in the study and then the researcher developed it in accordance with the Palestinian environment and the objectives of the study. The researcher prepared a mentoring program based on behavioural cognitive theory, and the mentoring program was applied to the experimental group with 10 sessions at a rate of 90 minutes per session. The results of the study showed statistically significant differences on the marital adjustment scale between the experimental group and the control group. After the application of the pilot program for the experimental group, the results showed that there were statistically significant differences between the average grades of the experimental group on the measure of marital adjustment before and after the application of the program, and in favour of dimensional measurement on the experimental group, as shown by the results of the tracking measurement the continuation of the impact of the indicative program.
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