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Title: The availability of Requirements for The Application of Total Quality Management in Palestinian governmental Agency And The Reality of Organizational Performance (The Palestinian Pension Agency as a case study)
Authors: أسماء محمود عمر الخطيب
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aims to determine the availability of the basic concepts of total quality management application in the Palestinian pension agency, to determine the performance of the Palestinian Pension Agency, and to examine the relationship between the applications of total quality management and institutional performance in the agency. Furthermore, it checks the extent of variations between the responses of the surveyed people according to the demographic variables. A fifth topic needs to be considered is identifying the most important obstacles to the application of total quality management in the Palestinian Pension Agency. Finally, it puts some recommendations to address those obstacles, which may contribute to providing the full requirements of total quality in the Agency. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher uses the descriptive correlative method. The researcher relies on a questionnaire to collect data. The study population includes all employees of the Palestinian Pension Agency in its three branches in the cities of Ramallah, Hebron and Gaza where the total number of the employees is 130. A comprehensive survey was conducted for all of them, 130 questionnaires were distributed and the number of the retrieved questionnaires reached 119, thus questionnaires retrieval rate was 92%. The study conclusion comes as follows: First, that all comprehensive quality requirements are available at the Pension Agency and are at an average level. Second, surveyed employees’ answers reveal that the institutional performance of the Pension Agency in all its axes is at an average level according to the balanced scorecard. Third, the study also finds a positive and statistically significant relationship at the level of 0.05 between the total degree of total quality management application requirements from one side and the total degree of the institutional performance reality and it’s all dimensions from the other side. Fourth, the study concludes that there are differences in the availability of total quality management application basic concepts and the reality of institutional performance in the Palestinian Pension Agency due to the variables of the workplace and management in which the employee works and the job title. In light of study results, the researcher has the following recommendations: senior management should adopt the idea and the philosophy of total quality, and to adopt it as an administrative approach in the management of the agency. Senior management should also provide all total quality requirements in the agency and to run the agency in accordance with total quality concept and philosophy.
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