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Title: The effect of the Wine on poetic trends according to Abu Nowwas: tradition, innovation and creation.
Authors: Haneen Al-Diriyah
حَنين محمد مَحْمُود الدِّيريّه
Keywords: Effect, Wine, Trends, Poeticism, Abu Nowwas, Tradition, Innovation, Creation.
أَثَر، الخَمْرَة، الاتّجَاهَات، الشِّعْرِيَّة، أَبِي نُواس، تَقْلِيد، تَجْدِيد، استِحْدَاث.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This thesis described with: "The effect of the wine in the poetic trends according to Abu Nowwas: tradition and innovation and creation", and it consisted of an introduction, preface, four chapters, a conclusion, the results and the recommendations, in addition to the list of sources, references and index content at the end, and this thesis had been studied, in the first chapter, the definition of a wine language idiomatically, and the life of the poet Abu Nowwas personal and poetic, and this study highlighted, in the second chapter, the traditional poetic trends and innovation of it according to Abu Nowwas, together with the impact of the wine where, and it studied tradition and its causes according to Abu Nowwas, and innovation of Abu Nowwas poetry, and Poetic arts of abu nowwas between tradition and innovation, such as flirtation, praise, spelling, lamentation, description and pride, while the third chapter showed the New poetic (created) trends according to Abu Nowwas and the impact of the wine where, such as yeast, and heresy, and parcels, promiscuity, populism, asceticism, cynicism and humor, and admonitions and apologize, while the fourth chapter introduced technical features of public poetry and private wine poetry of Abu Nowwas, and populism poetry, also is studied the language of Abu Nowwas, and the artistic image, the intertextuality, the counterpoint, the alliteration. This study has proceeded according to a specific approach, and then I finished this letter with the conclusion, the results, and the recommendations, after which the list of sources and references, and the index content. This study has revealed the significant impact of the wine in many poetic arts from Abu Nawas, only a few arts from poetry of the vinic Arabic poetry Dean was escaped from this effect, especially in the Abbas’s era, and in this study, I have been able to show something new fit for It to the next days, on God’s willing, the Almighty.
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