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Title: Grammatical embedding in the poetry of Salamah Ibn Jandal
Authors: Rana Hussam Mustafa Jadallah
رنا حسام مصطفى جاد الله
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aimed to identify the grammatical embedding in the poetry of Salamah Ibn Jandal. To achieve the objective of the study، the researcher used the critical، descriptive-analytical approach. The study consisted of three chapters. Chapter 1 addressed Salama Ibn Jindal’s life and poetry. Chapter II examined the issue of embedding in the linguistic heritage، including concepts، purposes، and benefits. It also explored embedding among linguists in terms of using characters to substitute sentences (abbreviations) such as articles of negation، interrogation، addition، exclusion، and optative as well as prepositions. Chapter III presented a detailed overview of the grammatical embedding in the poetry of Salamah Ibn Jandal. This final chapter started with a concise introduction and concluded with the most significant conclusions and recommendations. The study concluded with a list of bibliography، references and appendices. The results of the study showed that the embedding or inclusion was one of the critical and rhetorical idioms، and critically represented the traditional equivalent of the idiom intertextuality in modern literary criticism. Moreover، embedding widespread and became excessively common among the public، people of rhetorical mannerism and the pre-Islamic poets. It was mainly used for exhibition، the skill of usage، long-tradition usage، extensive knowledge، established reputation، and disposal proficiency. In light of the results of the study، the researcher suggested a set of recommendations. Researchers and scholars should review and examine various literature on pre-Islamic poets in terms of different methods and contents with a self-translation of their biographies and poetry in consort with verbalization of their words، linguistic and grammar terms.
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