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Title: Meaning of Life and Psychological Toughness and the Relation between them among the Liberated Palestinian Prisoners from Occupation Prisons in Nablus Governorate
Authors: Maysa' Saeed Hasan Haneesh
ميساء سعيد حسن حنيش
Keywords: Meaning of Life, with Psychological Toughness, Liberated Palestinian Prisoners.
معنى الحياة، الصلابة النفسية، الأسرى الفسطينيين المحررين.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: جامعة القدس المفتوحة/Al-Quds Open University
Abstract: This study aims to find out level meaning of life and psychological toughness and relation between them amongthe liberated Palestinian prisoners from occupation prisons in Nablus governorate. Also, it aims to identify the differences between some of the study variables (age prisoner, marital status, prison time and academic level) in both the meaning of life and its relation with psychological toughness .For achieving the study purpose, a questionnaire consists of (97) items distributed on two domains of meaning of life and psychological toughness has been developed, distributed among (180) individuals who have been chosen in easy way, gathered, codified, entered the computer and statically processed by using the Statistical Package of the Social Science (SPSS). Also, the study tool has been measured for reliability and credibility. The study results showed that there are positive significant relationship on meaning of life and psychological toughness. Also, the results revealed high degree (2.34) of responses on the total degree of meaning of life and moderate degree (2.28) of responses on the total degree of psychological toughness. Moreover, the results revealed that there are no significant mean differences at (α<0.05) level among the responses means about meaning of life and psychological toughness attributed to the (age prisoner, and marital status). On the other hand, there were significant mean differences at the (α<0.05) level attributed to the variables of (prison time and academic level) in favor of low period and high degrees.In light of the study results, several recommendations have been suggested, the most important are supporting and reinforcing the psychological toughness among released prisoners' issue in addition to supporting the determination feelings for prisoners of high periods .
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