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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021"Al Lisan Citations epitomized by the Entries of the Letter (M)" A Syntactic and Semantic Study in light of the Modern LessonSubhia Mohammad Ghalib Jamhour; صبحية محمد غالب جمهور
2021التَّحوّلاتُ الجماليَّةُ بين الأنَا والآخرِ في شعر زهير بن أَبي سُلمىعبير محمد خليل شريم
2021الدّرر الفرائد لابن الشّلبي حاشية على شرح الآجرّوميّة في أصول علم العربيّة للشّيخ خالد الأزهريّ، دراسةً وتحقيقًاإبراهيم علي محمد عوض
2021The Linguistic phenomena in Part X and XI of the Qur'an in The Light of The Phenomenon Linguistic ExpansionRasha Mohammed Mahmoud Araj; رشا محمد محمود أعرج
2021The Leadership Style of Public-School Principals and its Relationship to job Immersion Among Teachers of Schools Affiliated with the Education Directorates in the Suburbs of Jerusalem, Ramallah and Al-Bireh from Teachers ViewsFerial maqbol; فـريـال احمد حسن مقبول
2021Educational Supervisors’ Levels of Possession of Supervisory Competencies and its relation to supervisory Practices in view of Societal Knowledge Practices and Governmental Schools’ Principals view in the Northern GovernancesJehad Isa Mohammed Dasa; جهاد عيسى محمد دسه
2021“The Availability Degree of Supervisory Competencies of the Educational Supervisors and its Relationship with Outstanding Performance from Principals’ Point of View in the Northern Governorates of Palestine”Areej Mohammed Ameen Mustafa; أريج محمد أمين مصطفى
2021The Degree of Availability of Performance competencies for Teachers of Public Secondary Schools and Their Relationship to supervisory roles from Their Point of View in Hebron GovernorateHamed Mohamed Hammad Khalil; حامد محمد حماد خليل
2021“The Extent to which Practicing of Classroom Administration by Teachers of Lower Basic Stage Given the Contemporary Educational Trends and its Operationalization from Principals’ Point of View in the Northern Governorates"Hanan Hamed Mohammad Abdallah; حنان حامد محمد عبد الله
2021The Practicing Degree of Job Rotation of Governmental Schools’ Principals at the Directorates of Education in the Northern Governorates and its Relationship with the Excellence Management from Administrators’ point of viewMaysam Bassam Mahmoud Barzouk; ميسم بسام محمود برزوق