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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-13Academic Adjustment and its Relation with Optimism and Pessimism among Graduate Studies Students at Al-Quds Open University in Light of the Shift Towards E-learning due to Corona PandemicShaheen, Abeer; شاهين, عبير
2021-03-16Wife Abuse and its Relation with Psychosomatic Disorders Symptoms among a Sample of Married Women in Hebron GovernorateKa'kour, Samra'; قعقور, سمراء
2023-03-22Rational Thinking and its Correlation with the Handling of Life Pressures Among a Sample of Female Workers at Sewing Workshops in Hebron GovernorateAbu Aziza, Afaf; أبو عزيزة, عفاف
2019-09-07Attitudes of Educational Counselors Towards Professional Counseling and Their Relation to Professional Guidance Skills in the Governmental Schools of Northern GovernoratesMohsen, Mohammad; محسن, محمد
2019-05-21Parenting Styles and their Relationship to the Academic Achievement Motivation among High School Students in JerusalemBakri, Mohammad; بكري, محمد
2019-01-22The Impact of a Cognitive Behavioral Program Counseling on Reducing Psychological Stress Among a Sample of Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderTwam, Mariam; توام, مريم
2023-03-06This Thesis is submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Master’s Degree in Psychological and Educational Counseling Al-Quds Open University (Palestine)Maraqa, Mutaz; مرقة, معتز
2021-09-13Methods of Coping with Traumatic Events and their Relationship to Psychological Immunity Among Photojournalists Working in PalestineAlabed, Montaser; العبد, منتصر
2019-01-29The Effectiveness of a Counseling Cognitive- Behavioral Program in Improving Psychological Well- Being among Al- Quds Open University StudentsDamiri, Mohannad; ضميري, مهند
2021-02-14Identity Crisis and its Relationship to Self-concept among Adolescents in the Schools of Bethlehem GovernorateAhesawi, Mohannad; العيساوي, مهند