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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Psychological and Social Factors and Their Relation with Quality of Life Among a Sample of Juvenile Delinquents in Social Care Centers in Northern GovernoratesNisreen Hisham Atyam; نسرين هشام اتيم
2021Identity Crisis and its Relationship to Self-concept among Adolescents in the Schools of Bethlehem GovernorateMuhannad Kamel Alissawy; مهند كامل محمود العيساوي
2021The predictive ability of professional self and self-efficacy of psychological burnout among teachers of the lower elementary stage in Jerusalem governorateNozha A. Al-Hammoury; نزهه حازم عوني الحموري
2021Methods of Coping with Traumatic Events and their Relationship to Psychological Immunity Among Photojournalists Working in PalestineMontaser Mohamed Ezzedine Hamdan; منتصر "محمد عز الدين" سليمان العبد
2021-02-21Social Support and Its Relationship to Social Adaptation Among Jerusalemite Prisoners Released from Israeli Prisons in the Years 2018-2020Ameera, Ahmad; عميرة, أحمد
2021-03-20Attitudes Educational Counselors in Public Schools Towards Usage of Online Counseling in Light of The Corona Pandemic and Its Relationship to Their Professional-selfBelbesi, Hanan; بلبيسي, حنان
2021-06-05Insecure Attachment Patterns as a Mediating Variable Between Marital Satisfaction and Commitment Among a Sample of Hasbands in PalestineAbu Taha, Ibaa'; أبو طه, إيباء
2021-03-20Exposure to the Traumatic Experience of Resulting of Viewing of Martyrs Pictures in the Media, and it’s Related to Symptoms of Psychosomatic Disorder for the Student of High School in the Hebron GovernanceAlmahdi, Mohammad; المهدي, محمد
2021-03-27The Relationship of Parental Treatment Methods with Professional Tendencies Among High School (Tawjihi) Students in Jerusalem City SchoolsAbaid, Shereen; عبيد, شيرين
2021-02-13Academic Adjustment and its Relation with Optimism and Pessimism among Graduate Studies Students at Al-Quds Open University in Light of the Shift Towards E-learning due to Corona PandemicShaheen, Abeer; شاهين, عبير