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Title: Constructing the Medical The saurus as a Tool for Indexing
Authors: Abuzir, Yousef
Abstract: There is an interest in extracting knowledge and retrieving informationautomatically from the current availability of a large collection of electronicresources and from the academic literature available on the Web. Much ofThus, researchers may miss relevant, even critical, information in parallelor disparate fields, which in turn may lead them to recreate informationalready developed or to miss important information that could advance eachdiscipline. A Medical thesaurus identifies and clarifies important conceptsfrom these disciplines and standardizes their corresponding terms. This paperreviews the structure, construction and use of Medical thesauri, and outlineshow Medical Thesauri may help resolve a number of common difficultiesencountered when searching these recourses. The increasing importance ofthe medical online resources as information resource makes the thesaurus anaid tool for both professionals and non-experts.
Appears in Collections:Journal of Al-Quds Open University for Humanities and Social Research - مجلة جامعة القدس المفتوحة للبحوث الإنسانية والاجتماعية

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