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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Exploring the Main Theme of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Poem “Kubla Khan” and Its “Preface”Al-Khader, Mutasem Tawfiq
2021Exposure to the Traumatic Experience of Resulting of Viewing of Martyrs Pictures in the Media, and it’s Related to Symptoms of Psychosomatic Disorder for the Student of High School in the Hebron GovernanceMohammed Ahmad al-Mahdi; محمد أحمد سليمان المهدي
2021The Extent of Leadership Skills Owned by Public School Principals in Ramallah and Al-Bireh and Their Relationship to Managerial Accountability from the Teachers Point of View- Case StudyNader Salah El-Din Al-Hujjah; نادر صلاح الدين الحجة
2021“The Extent to which Practicing of Classroom Administration by Teachers of Lower Basic Stage Given the Contemporary Educational Trends and its Operationalization from Principals’ Point of View in the Northern Governorates"Hanan Hamed Mohammad Abdallah; حنان حامد محمد عبد الله
2021Facebook Addiction as an Intermediate Variable Between Marital Satisfaction and Emotional Communication Among A Sample of Married Couples in Tulkarm GovernorateAla Jamal Musa Abed Alnabi; ألاء جمال موسى عبد النبي
2020Facing the Judaization of Jerusalem in the Arabic NovelsMuhammad Abdel-Fattah Arafat Abu Al-Filat; محمد عبد الفتاح عرفات أبو الفيلات
-Faculty’s Perceptions of Moodle (LMS) Training Program and its Impact on their Levels of E-Learning Implementation: Qualitative LookIshtaiwa, Fawzi; Aburezeq, Ibtehal; Abu Sheirah, Khaled; Ghbari, Thaer
2019The foresight of future in the Contemporary Palestinian poetry / Ibrahim Toukan and Mahmoud Darwish as a Sample (An Artistic objective Study)فاطمة محمود سليمان صهيوني
2021Future Anxiety and its Relation with Motivation for Achievement Among High School Students in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate in Light of the COVID-19 PandemicAlaa Abu Baker; علاء الدين محمد أبو بكر
2014-07-28Generalization and Qualification-
-Genetic Engineering Transgenesis: Advanttages , Assessment of Risk and EthicsGhareeb, Bilal
5/2/2014Goddess; Al-Quds Open University – Palestine
-Graded Reading and its Effect on Enhancing Students' Vocabulary and Improving Performance in WritingBakeer, Ayda
2020Grammatical embedding in the poetry of Salamah Ibn JandalRana Hussam Mustafa Jadallah; رنا حسام مصطفى جاد الله
2021-04-19GuidelinesGraduate Studies & Scientific Research; عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي
2021Identity Crisis and its Relationship to Self-concept among Adolescents in the Schools of Bethlehem GovernorateMuhannad Kamel Alissawy; مهند كامل محمود العيساوي
2018The Identity of Jerusalem & Its Historical Affiliations Amid Truth & DistortionProf. Younes Amr, Prof. Hassan al-Silwadi
2018The Identity of Jerusalem & Its Historical Affiliations Amid Truth & DistortionProf. Younes Amr, Prof. Hassan al-Silwadi
2019The Impact of a Cognitive Behavioral Program Counseling on Reducing Psychological Stress Among a Sample of Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderMaryam Jamal Mohammed Twam; مريم جمال محمد توام