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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Post-Traumatic Stress and its Relation with Future Anxiety Disorder among Palestinians Families who have Lost their Houses in Jerusalem by the Israeli OccupationTahani Ahmad Nimer Allawzi; تهاني أحمد نمر اللوزي
2020Vocational Interest and its Relation with Future Anxiety Among A Sample of Students Enrolled in the Rehabilitation Youth Center Related to the Palestinian Ministry of Social DevelopmentKafia M Shaqour; كافيه محمد عبد الحميد شقور
2020Psychological Immunity as an Intermediate Variable between Psychological Stress and Emotional Balance among Females Working in the Palestinian Security ForcesFalastine Ibrahim Jebreene; فلسطين إبراهيم مصطفى جبريني
2020The Effectiveness of a Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling Program in Improving Social Skills and Reducing Feeling of Shyness among Adolescence Students in JerusalemReeman Adeeb Al-Shaikh; ريمان أديب جودة الشيخ
2020Psychological Stress and its Relationship to Teaching Self- Efficacy and the Level of Teaching Performance Among Teachers of Orphan Schools in Hebron GovernorateSa'dah Khalid Halaiqah; سعدة خالد حلايقة
2020Psychological Rigidity and its Relation with Psychological Adjustment Among Palestinian Officers of National Security in West Bank - PalestineAli Atta Al Sayed Arousi Mughrabi; علي عطا عروسي مغربي
2020Body Image and its Relationship to Shame and Self-Acceptance among Women Heading to Slimming Centers in the Hebron GovernorateAya Ibrahim Sami Adam; آية سامي إبراهيم عدم
2020-12-07The Predictability of Self-concept, Psychological Hardness, and Psychological Security Associated to Social Behavior Among Hearing- Impaired Secondary School Students in PalestineSamhan, Majeda; سمحان, ماجدة