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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The degree to which school principals possess competencies in electronic administration and the degree to which they practice them in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate from the point of view of teachers and educational supervisors.Issam Rizk Mofleh Aweidah; عصام رزق مفلح عويضة
2022Technical Support Provided by Educational Supervisors to Teachers in the Light of Knowledge Management Process from the Point View of the Teachers and Principals of Public Schools in Jerusalem and Suburbs of Jerusalem DirectoratesRana Abdul Jawad Moratda Rajabi; رنا عبد الجواد مرتضى رجبي
2022Job Performance of Employees in the Directorates of Education in the Northern Governorates and its Relationship to the Evaluation Patterns Used from the Point View of Head Divisions and EmployeesRami Basam Khoury; رامي بسام جورج خوري
2022A suggested visualization for blended educational supervision in Palestinian governmental schools in the northern governorates from the point of view of principals and educational supervisorsYousef Khader Issa Rajabi; يوسف خضر عيسى رجبي
2022Administrative Empowerment Degree and its Relation to School Discipline Among Government School Principals in Directorates of Education in (the Northern Governorates) in Palestine from the School Principals' PerspectiveMohammad Aziz Mohammad Salama; محمد عزيز محمد سلامة
2022Change Management Among Government of School's Principals and Its Relation of Job Competency Development from the prespective of Teachers and Educational Supervisors in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate.Hanan Mahmoud Mohammed Qasem; حنان محمود محمد قاسم
2022Emotional Intelligence and its Relation with Perceived Self-efficacy Among a Sample of Academically Superior Adolescents in PalestineRaida Mohammed Abd Elaal; رائدة محمد إبراهيم عبد العال
2022The Effectiveness of Rational Emotional Counseling Program in Reducing the Depressive Symptoms Among Retired Individuals in Salfeet GovernorateAlaa Abdul Hakeem Mohammed Ibrahim; علاء عبد الحكيم محمد إبراهيم
2022The Effectiveness of Online Supervision Program Based on Skill Development Model in Improving Online Counseling Skills Among Educational Counselors in Light of the Corona PandemicSaeda Muhmmad Abu-Shaqra; سائدة محمد عبد الرزاق أبو شقرة
2022Psychosocial Support and its Relation with Academic Achievement Among Students with Learning Difficulties in the Lower Elementary Stage from their Teachers Point of View in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate SchoolsRana A. A. Sanaf; رنا عبد الكريم عبد المجيد سناف