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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Using Body Language Skills and their Relationship to Professional Performance Among Educational Counselors in the West Bank GovernoratesMaysaa Ahmad Al-Abed Allan Al-Tarifi; ميساء أحمد العبد عبد الفتاح علان الطريفي
2020ثنائية الحياة و الموت في القرآن الكريمبراء صبحي عبد الله فقها
2020The Effect of Playing Electronic Games on Aggressive Behavior and its relation with Parental Treatment Methods among Students in the Lower Basic Stage in Ramallah and AL-Beria Governmental Schools from the Parents Point of viewAla'a Samih Suleiman Qasarwa; ألآء سميح قصاروة
2020The Effectiveness of a counseling program based on Multimodal Treatment(Lazarus model) in improving self-assertion and reducing Future Anxiety Among Tenth Grade StudentsRana Mohmmad Khattab; رنا محمد سليمان خطاب
2020Attitudes of UNRWA school teachers and counselors towards integrating those with additional needs into normal classes after applying the inclusive education approachAmani Fathi Mohammed Suleiman; أماني فتحي محمد سليمان
2020Semiotics in the Arab heritageMariam Abu Baker; مريم أبوبكر
2020Psychological Security and its Relationship with the Quality of Life and Pessimism Tendency Among a Sample of Adolescents in Shuafat CampTasneem Harb Manasrah; تسنيم حرب محمود مناصرة
2020Resilience and its Relation with Perceived Self-Efficacy among Al-Quds Open University Students’- Ramallah and Al-Bireh BranchDunia Mohammed Hasan Al-rimawi; دنيا محمد حسن الريماوي
2020The Palestinian Persona in the Arabic novel: The Arab Gulf, the Arab Maghreb and the Levant Settings – A ModelYousof Ibrahim Yousof Al-Refai; يوسف إبراهيم يوسف الرفاعي
2020The Predictability of Self-concept, Psychological Hardness, and Psychological Security Associated to Social Behavior Among Hearing- Impaired Secondary School Students in PalestineMajeda Rafiq Samhan; ماجدة رفيق سمحان