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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The Requirements of Electronic Management Application and its Role in Institutional Performance in Ministry of Health in PalestineMariana Waheed Abdullatif Al-Masri; ماريانا وحيد عبد اللطيف مصري
2021Attitudes of workers towards the role of partnership between the public sector and workers in the field of renewable energyمحمد مطيع حسين حريزات
2021The Role of Civil Society Organizations Working in East Jerusalem in Empowering Jerusalemite WomenTaghreed Muhammad Maarouf Arab Rishq; تغريد "محمد معروف" عرب رشق
2021The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Strategic Performance in the Palestinian Municipalities Classified - A - in the Northern GovernoratesNancy Mohammed Hussein; نانسي محمد حسين
2021Methods of Coping with Traumatic Events and their Relationship to Psychological Immunity Among Photojournalists Working in PalestineMontaser Mohamed Ezzedine Hamdan; منتصر "محمد عز الدين" سليمان العبد
2021Knowledge Management and its effect on Institutional Excellence at General Personnel Council in Palestineرجاء محمد ياسين عودة
2021الذات والآخر في الأدب العبري والعربي _ أبراهام يهوشوع، وعليّ المقري أنموذجاًجوهرة أسعد كامل حمران
2021" الذّات، والآخر في أدب غَسان كنفاني، و ابرهام يهوشع- אברהם ב. יהושע "سمر سُليمان مَحمود غَيث