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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Psycho- Social Problems and their Relations with Psychological Stresses among Inmates of Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centers in West Bank GovernoratesAreen Al Sheikh; عرين موسى شيخ علي
2019Effectiveness of a Counselling Programme Based on Behavioural Cognitive Theory in Enhancing Marital Coping Skills among a Sample of New Wives in Ramallah and Al-Bireh GovernorateKhadija Ismail Abdallah Abu Kamleh; خديجة إسماعيل عبد الله أبو كاملة
2019Psychological Stress and its relation to mental Resilience and Vocational Adjustment of the teachers in the old city of HebronSabreen Azmi Sabri Al zogahayer; صابرين عزمي صبري زغـير
2019Parenting Styles and their Relationship to the Academic Achievement Motivation among High School Students in JerusalemMohammed nour eldin" yousef bakri; محمد نور الدين يوسف البكري
2019Psychological Alienation and its Relation with Future Anxiety among Al - Quds Open University Students - Tulkarem BranchAshraf Muhammad Haj Ibrahim; أشرف محمد حج ابراهيم
2019Attitudes of Educational Counselors Towards Professional Counseling and Their Relation to Professional Guidance Skills in the Governmental Schools of Northern GovernoratesMohammad Ramadan Mohsen; محمد رمضان محسن
2019The literary criticism from its inception until the fifth Hijri centuryAmani Hasan Mohamad Hamad; أماني حسن محمد حمد
2019A Stylistic Study In The Palestinian Popular ZajalAida Rajab Hussein Subaihat; عائدة رجب حسين صبيحات
2019قصة يوسف عليه السلام في الشعر الفلسطيني المعاصرسنابل أحمد محمد حلبي
2019The Indicative Cognition set by the FundamentalistsKazemTalal el-Bakri; كاظم طلال البكري