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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Facebook Addiction as an Intermediate Variable Between Marital Satisfaction and Emotional Communication Among A Sample of Married Couples in Tulkarm GovernorateAla Jamal Musa Abed Alnabi; ألاء جمال موسى عبد النبي
2020Facing the Judaization of Jerusalem in the Arabic NovelsMuhammad Abdel-Fattah Arafat Abu Al-Filat; محمد عبد الفتاح عرفات أبو الفيلات
-Faculty’s Perceptions of Moodle (LMS) Training Program and its Impact on their Levels of E-Learning Implementation: Qualitative LookIshtaiwa, Fawzi; Aburezeq, Ibtehal; Abu Sheirah, Khaled; Ghbari, Thaer
2019The foresight of future in the Contemporary Palestinian poetry / Ibrahim Toukan and Mahmoud Darwish as a Sample (An Artistic objective Study)فاطمة محمود سليمان صهيوني
2021Future Anxiety and its Relation with Motivation for Achievement Among High School Students in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate in Light of the COVID-19 PandemicAlaa Abu Baker; علاء الدين محمد أبو بكر
2014-07-28Generalization and Qualification-
-Genetic Engineering Transgenesis: Advanttages , Assessment of Risk and EthicsGhareeb, Bilal
5/2/2014Goddess; Al-Quds Open University – Palestine
-Graded Reading and its Effect on Enhancing Students' Vocabulary and Improving Performance in WritingBakeer, Ayda
2020Grammatical embedding in the poetry of Salamah Ibn JandalRana Hussam Mustafa Jadallah; رنا حسام مصطفى جاد الله
2021-04-19GuidelinesGraduate Studies & Scientific Research; عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي
2021Identity Crisis and its Relationship to Self-concept among Adolescents in the Schools of Bethlehem GovernorateMuhannad Kamel Alissawy; مهند كامل محمود العيساوي
2018The Identity of Jerusalem & Its Historical Affiliations Amid Truth & DistortionProf. Younes Amr, Prof. Hassan al-Silwadi
2018The Identity of Jerusalem & Its Historical Affiliations Amid Truth & DistortionProf. Younes Amr, Prof. Hassan al-Silwadi
2019The Impact of a Cognitive Behavioral Program Counseling on Reducing Psychological Stress Among a Sample of Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderMaryam Jamal Mohammed Twam; مريم جمال محمد توام
2021The impact of administrative empowerment in the Palestinian security establishment on achieving sustainable developmentYousef Hasan Othman Hasan.; يوسف حسن عثمان حسن
2021"The Impact of Civil Society Organization (SCOs) Budget Monitoring on the Enhancement of the Governments Fiscal performance In the Case of a Governing Societyأحمد محمد أنيس زيود
2021The impact of implementing good governance rules on sustainable development indicators in municipalities of the West Bank: Ramallah and AL-Bireh municipalities as a modelتمارا "محمد زهدي" زيتون
2021The Impact of Management Information Systems on the Effectiveness of Decision-Making in Palestinian Local Government Units from Employees Perspective: Information Quality as a MediatorNawal Foqha; نوال محمود فياض فقها