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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Combined Time –Frequency Domain for Minimum Bit Error Rate BeamformingAwad, Dr.Waleed Abdallah; Al-Quds Open University; Abuzir, Dr.Yousef; Al-Quds Open University; Khdair, Dr.Mohamad; Al-Quds Open University
-A linguistical and Mythological Study (الظّليم AND AZ- ZALIM )(الصّليم AS- SALIM) (الصّريم AS- SARIM)Jarrar, Waleed Sadeq
-A Network Service-Based Risk Assessment Model with Case Study on an Educational OrganizationAmro, Islam
-A Symbolic Reading of the Mariner’s Voyage in The Rime of the Ancient MarinerAl-Khader, Dr. Mutasem Tawfiq
-A Training Program on Mathematics Online Communication Skills to Overcome Barriers in Communicating Mathematics through InternetNajdi, Dr. Randa Elsheikh
2021Academic Adjustment and its Relation with Optimism and Pessimism among Graduate Studies Students at Al-Quds Open University in Light of the Shift Towards E-learning due to Corona PandemicAbeer Rayhan Shaheen; عبير ريحان محمد شاهين
-ADescriptive Study of Community pharmacy practice In palestine: Analysis and future lookJaradat, Nidal A; Sweileh, Waleed
2022Administrative Empowerment Degree and its Relation to School Discipline Among Government School Principals in Directorates of Education in (the Northern Governorates) in Palestine from the School Principals' PerspectiveMohammad Aziz Mohammad Salama; محمد عزيز محمد سلامة
2022-03-01Advanced EnglishAl-Sheikh, Nawal; Masoud, Khaled; Qadoumi, Husam
2022The Aesthetics of plastic Art in literary discourseMaryam Ghassan Sami Yassin; مريم غسان سامي ياسين
2021"Al Lisan Citations epitomized by the Entries of the Letter (M)" A Syntactic and Semantic Study in light of the Modern LessonSubhia Mohammad Ghalib Jamhour; صبحية محمد غالب جمهور
-(Al- Quds Open University Learners’ Attitudes towards Blended Learning (BLAbu Shawish, Jaber; Shaath, Mohammad Ali
-An Investigation on Approaches Used by School Teachers in Teaching the Literature Components in EFL Classrooms/ English for Palestine CaseDweikat, Khaled Abdel Jaleel; Shbietah, Ghada
-Analysing "English for Palestine-10" in Terms of the Characteristics of a Good English TextbookMahmoud, Ahmed Awad Amin
-(Applying Blended Learning to English Communication Courses 101 and 102 at BZU/ Palestine (Case StudyAbbas, Lamees
2021Attitudes Educational Counselors in Public Schools Towards Usage of Online Counseling in Light of The Corona Pandemic and Its Relationship to Their Professional-selfHanan Sobhi Abdel Karim Belbeisi; حنان صبحي عبد الكريم بلبيسي
2019Attitudes of Educational Counselors Towards Professional Counseling and Their Relation to Professional Guidance Skills in the Governmental Schools of Northern GovernoratesMohammad Ramadan Mohsen; محمد رمضان محسن
-Attitudes of Law Students at Al-Istiqlal University-Jericho towards Learning Legal Terminology Course in EnglishAbu Jafar, Ahmad Hasan; Al-Istiqlal University