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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Predictability of Self-concept, Psychological Hardness, and Psychological Security Associated to Social Behavior Among Hearing- Impaired Secondary School Students in PalestineMajeda Rafiq Samhan; ماجدة رفيق سمحان
2019Psycho- Social Problems and their Relations with Psychological Stresses among Inmates of Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centers in West Bank GovernoratesAreen Al Sheikh; عرين موسى شيخ علي
2019Psychological Alienation and its Relation with Future Anxiety among Al - Quds Open University Students - Tulkarem BranchAshraf Muhammad Haj Ibrahim; أشرف محمد حج ابراهيم
2019Psychological and Social Adjustment and its Relation to Self-esteem among Widowed Women in Jerusalem and its EnvironsShatha Sadeq Mohamed Ghanem; شذى صادق محمد غانم
2018Psychological and Social Problems and its Relation with Future Anxiety among the Children Enrolled in Accommodation Institutions in the West BankEsraa Sulaiman Yahya Balalu; إسراء سليمان يحيى بلالو
2020Psychological Burnout and its Relation with Job Satisfaction among Specialists in Handicapped Institutions in Ramallah and AL-Bireh GovernorateMaha Bajis Hussein Dar Al-Sheikh; مها باجس حسين دار الشيخ
2020Psychological Immunity as an Intermediate Variable between Psychological Stress and Emotional Balance among Females Working in the Palestinian Security ForcesFalastine Ibrahim Jebreene; فلسطين إبراهيم مصطفى جبريني
2020Psychological Rigidity and its Relation with Psychological Adjustment Among Palestinian Officers of National Security in West Bank - PalestineAli Atta Al Sayed Arousi Mughrabi; علي عطا عروسي مغربي
2020Psychological Security and its Relationship with the Quality of Life and Pessimism Tendency Among a Sample of Adolescents in Shuafat CampTasneem Harb Manasrah; تسنيم حرب محمود مناصرة
2019Psychological Stress and its relation to mental Resilience and Vocational Adjustment of the teachers in the old city of HebronSabreen Azmi Sabri Al zogahayer; صابرين عزمي صبري زغـير
2020Psychological Stress and its Relationship to Teaching Self- Efficacy and the Level of Teaching Performance Among Teachers of Orphan Schools in Hebron GovernorateSa'dah Khalid Halaiqah; سعدة خالد حلايقة
2021-10-01Publication GuidelinesGraduate Studies & Scientific Research; عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي
2016-05-07QOU eCourse FrameworkOpen Learning Center
-“Reasons for Worker's Refrain to work in the Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ) - A case of Jordan”Al- wadi, Mahmoud; Azzam, Zakaria; Assaf, Ahmad; Khrais, Ebrahim
2018: Relatives Clauses in the Ten Odes ( Hanging Poems / Al Mu’allaqat), a semantic grammatical studyNoura Hamdallah Qadah; نورة حمد الله قدح
-Reliability of 2-within Consecutive (2,2)-out-of-(m,n) : F Systems Using Markov ChainNashwan, Imad I. H.
2021-09-29Research Formatting Guidelinesعمادة البحث الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي; Graduate Studies & Scientific Research
2020Resilience and its Relation with Perceived Self-Efficacy among Al-Quds Open University Students’- Ramallah and Al-Bireh BranchDunia Mohammed Hasan Al-rimawi; دنيا محمد حسن الريماوي
2021-09-27Review FormsGraduate Studies & Scientific Research; عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي
2021The role of tax governance as a mediating variable in the relationship between information systems and the reduction of tax evasion with the Income Tax Department in West Bankمحمد عاطف ميداني