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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-The Effect of Applying the Theory of Cohesion to the Teaching of Writing to EFL LearnersAdas, Dana
-The Effect of Using “Story Grammars” on the Students’ AchievementMahmoud, Ahmed Awad Amin; Nazzal, Ayman
-The Effects of Research-Based Strategies on Raising the Van Hiele Levels of Geometric ThinkingNajdi, Randa
-The Impact of the Writing Component of the Tawjihi English Exam on the Classroom Practices in PalestineAl-Shaer, Ibrahim
-The Implications of Idealism as an Educational Philosophy in Jordanians' Elementary Curriculum Stage as Perceived by TeachersMomany, Mohammad; Um Al-Qura University; Khasawneh, Omar; Al-Aine Universitym; Alrefaie, Arwa; Um Al-Qura University
-The Influence of Selected Demographic Variables on Hardiness of EFL Teachers in PalestineQaddumi, Husam Ahmed
-The Legal Nature of the Crime of Money LaunderingAl Hawawsheh, Ayman Nawaf; University of Northern Border
-The Pricing of the Real Earnings Management Evidence from Malaysian Stock ExchangeAlqerm, Jehad Feras; Obeid, Siti Normala Shikh Obeid Normala Shikh
-The Role of EFL Teachers in the Jordanian SchoolsAl Bzour, Mrs. Wedad; Smadi, Prof. Oqlah
-"The Specialty of Translating Poetry with My Literary Translation of S. T. Coleridge’s Poem “Kubla KhanAl-Khader, Dr. Mutasem Tawfiq
-The Use of Capital Budgeting Techniques in Evaluating Investment Projects: An Applied Study on the Palestinian Corporations Working in Gaza StripEl-Daour, Jabr I; Abu Shaaban, Muhsen
2014-01-21Translation: Constraints and Difficulties-
2014-01-21Translation: Constraints and Difficulties-
-Using Games to Promote Students’ Motivation towards Learning EnglishMahmoud, Dr . Ahmed Awad Amin; Tanni, Dr. Ziyad Ahmed
2014-01-22Written Translation skills-
2014-01-22Written Translation skills-
-اتجاهات البحث في التربية عن بعدكمال, د. سفيان عبد اللطيف
-اتجاهات الدارسين في جامعة القدس المفتوحة نحو التعلم الإلكترونيأبو عقل, د. وفاء; صبّاح, أ. ثائرة
-اتجاهات الدارسين في جامعة القدس المفتوحة نحو فتح برنامج للدراسات العلياشاهين, أ. محمد; بنان, أ. بسام
-اتجاهات الشباب الجامعي نحو العمل التطوعي: كلية عجلون الجامعية نموذجاًالخدام, د. حمزة خليل